8 Reasons to Use a CNC Machine and Software

A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine is a handy and powerful tool that can help make any number of processes in woodworking faster and easier. If you’re unfamiliar with CNC machines, you might have some questions about what they are and how they work. In this article, we’ll go over the top eight reasons why you should use a CNC machine and software in your woodworking shop.

1.   Automation

CNC machines provide you with the ability to automate your production process. That means faster, more precise work that requires less human involvement. As you get used to working on your CNC machine and software, you will eliminate mistakes because the machine does most of the work for you. You will also be able to produce more pieces in a shorter time without making as many errors.

For example, Easel CNC Software enables engineers and architects to easily design their products using CAD (Computer Aided Design) files. They can then upload their designs directly into the CNC machine, automatically cutting out all necessary parts without the operator’s manual input. Once they have finished cutting out all of the pieces, they can quickly assemble them into a 3D object in mere minutes instead of spending hours manually assembling everything by hand.

2.   Ability to Make Complex Parts

One of the best reasons to use a CNC machine is its ability to make complex parts. The machine can create intricate and minute details and designs that would be difficult or impossible to produce by hand. For example, if you have some sketches that are hard to translate into code, it may be easier to draw them out on paper and then load them onto your computer for the software to understand.

A CNC machine has more than two dimensions, which means it can cut on any plane. As opposed to tools like a drill press which only allows you to move in one direction (along the axis), a CNC can cut on any axis along with an entire range of motion within each axis.

3.   Increased Productivity

CNC machining systems are often faster than other methods of manufacturing. In some cases, they’re even quicker than 3D printing. Plus, CNC machines can create more complex shapes that may be difficult or impossible to develop any other way. This increased productivity means less wasted time, which translates into significant cost savings for your business. The CNC machines can use templates from CAD software to make it easier for you to produce the same parts quickly.

You also don’t need advanced skills; you only need to load the file in the CAD software and let the machine do its job! Hence, if you want to start producing products at a high volume without compromising quality or serviceability, then start designing your next project using CAD software and letting the CNC machine finish off with production. This process will allow for higher profits with lower labor costs.

4.   Greater Efficiency and Flexibility

CNC machinery can provide greater efficiency and flexibility for cutting and drilling materials. That reduces the need for manual labor, which is often the most costly part of the production process. A single machine can cut up to 12 sheets of material at once, making it much more efficient than using an individual saw or drill.

The CNC software can also program the machine to perform complex tasks with just a few mouse clicks. The CNC machine can also work on wood, plastic, metal, and glass materials, so you don’t have to buy multiple tools to complete your projects.

5.   Safety and Health Benefits

Manual engagement of machine functions can lead to injury. However, the automation of these actions in CNC machines reduces this risk. When machining with a CNC machine, it is easier for operators to take breaks because the machine controls the cutting tools and material motion. Automatic loading of the tooling also reduces operator exposure by eliminating manual handling.

In addition, CNC machines eliminate the tool chatter that may occur in manual machines when running at high speeds by running at slower speeds, producing smoother surfaces on the workpiece. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting hit with metal or slipping your hand off a piece of wood. Safety is one of the best reasons you should use CNC machinery and software!

6.   Precision and Improved Quality

CNC machines allow you to have complete control of your design. With a computer at the heart of the machine, you can change the design on-the-fly with greater precision. Rather than using a hand tool like an X-acto knife, you can use software to precisely make changes to digital drawings in real-time.

You’ll be able to create precise cuts without any waste material, leading to cleaner results. You’ll also be able to produce more consistent pieces since you won’t need to manually carve each one from scratch.

7.   Cost-effectiveness

A CNC machine is more cost-effective than any other machining process for small parts because the time and labor it takes to produce one piece with a CNC machine are much less than it would take using traditional methods. Also, the electronic storage of templates makes them more accessible and easier to reference when needed.

Even better, these templates make it easy to set up jobs in the future so that you can cut hundreds of identical pieces in just minutes! That way, you can cut down on the cost of production as you reduce the turnaround time for producing your products or prototypes. The best CNC machines come with features such as the import of CAD files or programming languages like G-Code to avoid having to draw or design everything from scratch

8.   Reduced Waste

One of the significant benefits of using a computer numerical control (CNC) machine is that you can produce parts without wasting any material. CNC machines and their software reduce wastage by combining precision, accuracy, speed, repeatability, and the ability to maximize the number of units it can produce from its raw material supply. Injection molded plastic parts use two to three times more plastic than they need, while CNC machines only use what they need.


CNC machines are essential to any business because they are versatile, increase efficiency, and help your company grow. The best advice is to find a suitable CNC machine for your needs. When you install a reliable software program with your new CNC machine, you can quickly create complex designs without too much effort. Whether it’s making toys, printing complex lettering and logo designs on a metal piece,  or even carving wooden products like kitchen utensils or door handles, CNC machining makes these tasks easier and quicker than ever before. One thing we can all agree on: having a solid foundation built by quality equipment and software programs can take any small-time operation into a full-blown success story.

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